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Sweet Love Messages for Her to Make Her Smile

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No relationship works without happiness, trust and commitments. And happiness is not defined by the number of cars, flowers or pieces of jewellery given to your partner, but in most cases are brought about by things we usually ignore or think isn’t important.

If making her happy is your biggest goal, then you must not overlook minor deeds like sending romantic love messages, sweet love images and acts like taking her out for dinner. These so called minor deeds are what defines a relationship in the long run.

This article contains 50 of the best Sweet love messages for her to make her smile with funny romantic love images that’ll definitely bring out that beautiful look off her face.

We Have carefully written these love messages for her to emphasize the importance of her presence in your life, and when you tell any woman how important they are to you, they tend to smile because it brings happiness and joy to them. It makes them feel important. And yes, they truly are very important in every life they touch.

Why did we add funny love images for her? Well, this is an important bonus to knock her off her feet. It is always good to add a good sense of humour when telling someone how greatful you are. It makes them laugh and always want you want to do more! Enjoy!

Cute Love Messages

1. You are my destiny, making you my friend was not a choice, falling in love with you was not coincidence, but making you my wife was my greatest achievement. I adore every step I took to make you mine. I love you my jewel.

2. You are my happiness, my heart desire, my everlasting flame, the one that makes my heart beat fast. My love, my queen, I cannot think for a second without you in my mind. I cherish you, princess of beauty.


3. My love for you has no limit, my joy you are my eternal. You make me feel so fulfill whenever I think of you my everlasting flame. I love you so much my jewel.


4. Love is a risk either you sink in it or it sink you, for me have deeply drowned for the love that I have for you, thank you for giving me this unconditional love.

5. The biggest achievement for me is seeing you happy and comfortable, you know that your smile alone gives me the courage to live and always want to be with you my morning star.


6. My princess you are my moment of weakness and strength, I enjoy every day spent with you in my arms, I just want to check on the cutest and sexiest love of my life.

7. Your eyes sparkle like the morning sun rise, your breath frozen all the fish in the rain, you are my most treasured security. I love my life with you it makes it complete. I adore you a lot sweetheart.

8. It was that night I saw a falling star that I made a wish and I found you, I am assuring you my love that if you make a wish tonight it will come true the way you came true in my life. I love you for who you are my queen.


9. If I could go a thousand miles just that make you mine I wont even think for a blink of an eye for my love for you knows no boundary. I love you my princess.

10. Your happiness is my major priority, your weakness is my strength, just want you to be the queen of my heart. I love you.

11. If loving you is a crime I will rather be a criminal, your love has made me who I am today, thank you my love for making me the love of your life.

12. People may say that I have gone insane, if loving you will make me what I am today, I will say yes, yes! Because your love is what made me the bravest man. I cherish you with everything I have got.

13. Nothing is going to change my love for you, even if you want me to go tell everybody in the world, I will always love you as long as I live, my honey bunny.

14. Do you know the impossible thing to do in this world, is describing how water taste? My love but the most possible thing I have ever done and will always be proud of is falling in love with you the queen of my heart.

15. Every step I took to know you made so much difference in my life, knowing more and more gives me that desire that makes me a happy person. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to know you. I adore you so much my angel.


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god love status for whatsapp

shivrajs shivuu



sweet love text for her to make her smile

God Status



God is always on time. He has set the right time for everything.


If God doesn’t give you what you want, it isn’t what you need.


God gives people to love and things to use. Not things to love and people to use.


Please GOD, if you can’t make me slim, make my friends fat.


When god wants you to grow, he makes you uncomfortable.


Give god your weakness, and he will give you his strength.


Pray so big and so often that when God meets you at Heaven’s gate, he says with a smile, “Kid you kept me busy”.


I asked God “Why are you taking me through troubled water”. He raplied “Because your enemies can’t swim”.


God has a plan, trust it, enjoy it and live it.


When you fix your thoughts on god, God fixes your thoughts.


How cool is that the same God who created mountains and oceans and galaxies looks at you and thought the world needed one of you too.


When you cannot sleep at night have you ever thought maybe its God saying “We need to talk and you have time now”


Sometimes God will put a Goliath in your life, for you to find that Dravid within you.


Pray and let it go. Don’t try to manipulate or force the outcome. Just trust God to open the right doors at the right time.


Nothing can stop God’s plan for your life.


And he loves me despite the fact that I fail him everyday.


Sometimes I look up, smile and say, “I know that was you, God – Thank you.”


No matter where you are God is with you.


Empty yourself and let God fill in you.


And to wake up knowing that God is my side is enough.


If God is all you have, you have all you need.


God, I can’t say it in words… Can you please just listen through my heart.


Don’t treat people the way they treat you. Treat people the way God treats you.


Tears are prayers too. They travel to God when we can’t speak.


You are not worthless, God does not make worthless things.


God doesn’t love you because you are good, he loves you because he is good.


God gives us difficulty to bring out the best in us.


You have been assigned this mountain to show others it can be moved.


Be with someone who thanks God for you.


To trust God in light is nothing, but to trust him in dark – that is faith.

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Fall in love (love Quotes)

shivrajs shivuu



Fall in love with the person who enjoys your madness. Not an ediot who forces you to be normal

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Love matters more than material items (Motivational Stories)

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“Some time ago, a man punished his young daughter for wasting a roll of gold wrapping paper. Money was tight and he became angry when the child tried to decorate a box to put under the Christmas tree.

Nevertheless, the girl brought the gift to her father on Christmas day and said, ‘This is for you, daddy.’

The man became embarrassed by his overreaction a few days before, but his rage continued when he saw that the box was empty. He yelled at her, ‘Don’t you know, when you give someone a gift, there’s supposed to be something inside?’

The little girl looked up at her dad with tears in her eyes and cried; ‘Oh, daddy, it’s not empty at all. I blew kisses into the box. They’re all for you, daddy.’

The father was devastated. He put his arms around his daughter, and begged for her forgiveness.

A little while later, the girl died in an accident. Her father kept the gold box by his bed for many years and, whenever he was feeling down, he would take out an imaginary kiss and remember the love of the child who had put it there.”

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