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“I Love My Job” (original short story) Horror stories

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Some people go crazy when they get laid off.

A lot of companies see a dip in profits, because the demand for their services goes down. It’s not always in their control.

But they keep their heads above water with a simple equation: the number of orders equals the number of staff. So when the demand goes down, turnover always goes up. It’s really that simple. X equals y.

Whoever they can afford to lose to keep themselves afloat, they cut. It’s a kind of amputation with no anesthetic for some of the people they let go.

They put years of time and effort into their jobs and build themselves up. Day in and day out, they prove themselves not only worth keeping, but worth going up the corporate ladder. They believe that enough hard work would give them just rewards.

But that isn’t in the equation. A simple x equals y doesn’t care, and the realization hits hard.

Imagine this. You get a job in an office like plenty of other middle-class people. You value doing your best every single day. You’re new, so you don’t have a good reputation, or any at all for that matter. But that’s fine. That doesn’t matter because you can show people what you’re made of.

It’s not a six-figure gig or anything glamorous, but you’re grateful to have it. You’re thankful because it lets you pay the bills, feed your family, and even be comfortable. Weeks of repetitive work go by. The labor gets under your skin occasionally, but you don’t let it become a bother. It’s tiring giving extensive overtime, but the paychecks are worth it. Knowing that life is stable drives you to keep going.

Months pass. Having food on the table is never a question. Paying all the bills on time and pocketing a little something for yourself isn’t a problem.

People take notice of you. They see your performance is above average, but that’s being modest. They know you’re excellent as an employee, and so do you. After all, the managers share the performance reports with you for your evaluations.

You’re there for a couple years now. The quality of your work hasn’t dipped much. Coworkers go to you with their questions when management is right next to them.

Talk of a possible promotion goes your way. You don’t say it out loud, but it’s clear that you deserve it. The promotion to lead isn’t something huge, but you’re beginning to step up the ladder. Confidence is growing inside you.

You go to work every day with a smile on your face.

A goal was achieved: you never stopped proving yourself. It was only a matter of time before management congratulated you on the promotion.

The job becomes a piece of who you are. And that because it isn’t just a job anymore. It’s a career, and a future looks promising. You deserve it. Your spouse knows it because of all the overtime given to feed the family. Your kids know it because there’s a growing college fund, and it’d get bigger at a faster pace from here.

One morning, the boss comes to your desk with a grin. He shakes your hand. He tells you how happy he is to promote you to a team lead. Your eyes brighten with excitement.

There was no way to be prepared for how soon the day would come.

The family’s excited. They’re thrilled to see how happy you are.

Years go by still. You’re well adjusted to the new role at work. Bosses tell you they can depend on you. The worker bees love you.

But one day, not even half an hour after finishing a long shift, there’s a phone call. You don’t know the number off hand but pick up anyway. The voice on the other end says not to go to work tomorrow.

The company no longer needs your services.

Those words hit you like a brick dropping on your skull. Clearly there’s a misunderstanding. You just didn’t hear that right.

The person on the other end confirms. The company no longer needs your services. Do not go to work tomorrow.

Tears well up. Your spouse hears the sobs and asks what’s wrong. It’s terrifying to process, let alone tell the truth. But what’s the point in lying? You don’t have the heart to put up a façade.

Days pass and you still don’t have a job. Bills are right around the corner. You look back at your bank history, realizing how careless spending was.

You feel like a failure. You start asking why they cut you just like that.

If having you wasn’t worth it, why didn’t they address the problem?

But another realization hit. Those slimy bastards never intended on keeping you. They only wanted to squeeze you dry until a little dip in profits showed up.

You apply for tens of jobs online every day, but nobody bites. Food is running out, and bills are piling now.

Perhaps you see why some people go crazy when they get laid off.

I sympathized pretty quickly when that scenario happened to me, but I kept my cool. The best thing to do was keep my chin up and never stop looking forward. Cracking under pressure wasn’t going to feed my wife or kids.

It was ironic how one day, a promotion came walking down my path, and just as unexpectedly, so did the threat of eviction. I had to solve the problem, and fast.

But I realized something else. Some people got taken back to the same companies after getting laid off. So that was my new plan of action. And what better way than prove myself that I was worth keeping?

In the morning, I showed up like in the first interview. I wore a crisp, clean suit, hair was well-groomed, and face shaved down to the skin. The one difference? My same briefcase for work was in hand. I wasn’t ready to give up on my career, and the bosses would see that.

It felt great to walk down the parking lot and to my building like in the old days. Other staff recognized me and asked how I was. I told them great, because I was coming back. They were delighted to hear the news.

The only problem was that I obviously didn’t have my new badge yet. It was against company policy for security reasons, but they scanned their badges to get in and let me piggyback.

Somehow, my desk was still empty. I figured they would’ve found someone else to fill the void, but it was nice to know I was wrong.

The plan wasn’t even talking to the boss. In fact, it was much easier than that. I set my briefcase on the desk and clickedthe latches open. And from inside the briefcase, the homemade poison gas emitted, and spread throughout the room.

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Horror Stories

It was a rainy Saturday night (Horror stories,ghost stories)

shivrajs shivuu



It was a rainy Saturday night; I was out in a restaurant with some friends having a great time. It was almost mid night and we had to leave. We came out, said our good byes and I walked towards my Car. I got in and started driving towards my home. I had a long day and was really tired. It was about an hour’s drive to my house.

On my way, I started to feel sleepy, so I turned on the radio to keep me awake. But there was some problem with the radio; all I could hear was static. I was checking the radio when suddenly, I saw someone standing straight ahead in the middle of the road. I severed left and applied the brakes hard. The car screeched to a stop. I got out of the car to check but there was no one there. I looked around where I saw the person standing, but there was no one to be seen around. No person, no tire marks, no indication that anything happened.

I thought that my mind was playing tricks on me, I was just really sleepy. I went back to my car, checked the car, everything seemed to be working, except the radio. I was a little shaky after that incident and went on to drive slowly towards my home. I reached home at 1 A.M.

Just as I got in, my phone rang. It was Andy, one of the friends with whom I was having dinner earlier tonight. He sounded worried and he said that he was calling to check that I reached home safely or not. I told him that I was okay and asked what the matter was? He sounded confused and scared. He told that while driving home, on the way he saw a guy who looked just like me standing there in the middle of the road. He thought that he had hit me with his car but when he went out to see, there was no one there.

That was very weird. I said that even I experienced the same thing. He said that he had called the other two friends too, and even they saw something similar. He started to panic I told him not to think about it too much right now and just go to bed, we’ll figure this out tomorrow. After the call, I took a nice hot shower and then went to bed.

Next morning the four of us had decided to meet at the same restaurant and discuss the events of last night. I reached there early only to see that the restaurant had been burned down to the ground. The entire place had just been completely destroyed by the fire. There were paramedics and Firemen checking for any survivors and trying to get the dead bodies out. I saw an onlooker standing at the side or the road and went up to him to ask what had happened there.

He told that there was a fire last night, a big one. No one survived, all the people were trapped inside the building. No one could call the fire department as all the phone lines were destroyed. The fire engines and the paramedics came in the morning when everyone was already dead.

I felt that was very strange as we had just had dinner there last night. I went towards the road to wait for my friends. As I was going, I saw one of the paramedics taking a dead body out it was charred but somehow, the face looked familiar. I looked closer and then I remembered where I had seen him. I was talking to him a couple minutes ago! I turned back to see, but he was gone. I started freaking out thinking that did I really see a ghost?!

The paramedic placed the dead body next to another one. Coincidentally, it also looked familiar. To my surprise, this was the person who I had seen last night. The one I thought that I almost hit with my car. But from his wounds, it looked like he had died there in the fire too. My head was starting to spin. What was going on? It was as if suddenly I was seeing ghosts everywhere.
By this time, my friend Andy reached there too and was shocked to see the place burned down. “How is that even possible?” he said, “we were almost the last ones out of here and the owner said that they had to close the place.”

“Yeah I know, it is all very weird, this place burning down and me suddenly seeing ghosts everywhere”.

“What ghosts?” Andy asked.

I told him about the dead bodies lying there and how I had seen the same guy last night and then today morning too.

“That is strange.” Andy said. “I did not see any ghost, but I remember seeing you last night in front of my car…”

Just as he spoke those words, I saw the paramedics carry out four more bodies – Andy, Me, and our two other friends. All four were burned.
I looked at Andy, then at my burned and lifeless body… being carried away right in front of my eyes…

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Ghost Stories

The prayer (Ghost stories,horror stories)

shivrajs shivuu



I used to spend a lot of time with my cousins, let’s call them Anna and Mary. They are sisters, and they are my age. One night I was staying at their place, a cute house near a forest. The house is very old. We went to sleep and Anna wakes me up saying that she feels like someone is looking at her. I thought she was making fun of me and I didn’t believe her. I told her to go back to sleep and leave me alone. Later that night I woke up because I felt like someone was watching me. I wake up and I see a figure looking at me through the window. I wake Anna and Mary up and I tell them that someone is in the house. Anna starts freaking out because she saw the same thing as I said before. No one was home because my aunt and my uncle work in night shifts. We try to calm down. It was around 2 A.M. Mary was still skeptical about the whole thing. Then we hear footsteps in our room like someone was coming towards our bed. At this point, Mary starts to believe us and starts praying. At that very moment, the door opens and we saw the figure vanishing. After that night, I never spent a night in their house again.

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Ghost Stories

The ouija board (Ghost stories,horror stories)

shivrajs shivuu



My aunt is very into paranormal stuff. She reads books about these things, she watches documentaries, etc. When she was around 20 she used an ouija board in an attempt to talk to her deceased grandmother. She asked questions that only her grandma would have known the answers to. My aunt asked if the spirit she was talking to was her grandma. The spirit said no and my aunt asked who was she talking to. The spirit then spelled the name Lucifer. Then a glass that was near her just broke. My aunt closed the game and she burned the board. I don’t know if this is real because I wasn’t there when it happened and my aunt could’ve lied. But I think it’s real because she never really lies.

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