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How I wish! (wish poems,quotes&lines)

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She is mesmerizingly charming

her eyes are ravishly sparkling

with a smile brighter than the moon

she speaks mellifluous like a nightingale

while her silky smooth hair dances around

bringing passion to young hearts


She is an angel in disguise

playing as an iridescent blissful butterfly

she plays the tranquiling music

that brings solace to my heart

Only those, who truly knows her

understand the depth of her soul


I see the playful child in her

being cute, naughty and adorable

she is a bright sun outwardly

and contradictorily, a soothing moon

even on a rainy day, she brings sunshine

and sparkle as a single star in the constellation


She has a heart that reminds of snow white

and her inner beauty is overwhelmingly smooth

while she herself is a treasure of rare kind

I, the common man, is speechless by her magic

although not a witch, she bewitches me

she is a peerless gift and difficult to possess.


How I wish? she could be mine!





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The sky is shining (silence poems,quotes & lines)

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The sky is shining

in the presence of stars

here I search for the shelter,

the silence is embracing me 

for I am prisoner held in a dream, 

the dream I dreamt of

which is making me blind virtually,

for I have lost peace, 

now I yearn for you

as you are my peacekeeper, 

only the hope drives me

forward as I wander alone

under the sky in search of 

a magical blanket of warmth …




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Stardust (Stardust poems,quotes & lines)

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Was I dreaming again? 

How can I be so delusional?

Why can’t I stop dreaming?

Perhaps it is your charm


It’s hard to fall asleep,

hearing your voice inside me,

I try to delude it away 

however, your voice is stronger


Dreams are the only way

where I feel your presence,

it fills my world all around  

bringing a fragrance of you


Who am I to seek your attention?

when my image is not in your mind

a ray of light withholds me 

driving in a never seen hope 


I speak with stars and moon

narrate them your fairy tale 

you are not just another girl 

rather, stardust that glitters…




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Talk to Me

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It would be wonderful to 

talk about your friends and family,

It’s my pleasure getting to know them.

as they are a part of your life


The past is irrelevant yet share it

so I can understand you better,

Trust me I won’t judge you,

it helps us to create a pleasing future


Tell me the problems you are facing,

things that make you feel terrified

which keeps you awake at night,

the darkest secrets you hide within.


Allow me to get to know you,

let me be a part of it all,

the silence might have all the answer, 

but communication would resolve issues


Thus talk to me, just talk to me.





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