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Funny Wedding Wishes, Quotes and Humorous Messages

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It will be unique and humorous if you greet your friends or dear ones by Funny Wedding Wishes and messages to make them laugh on such a special moment of their life like wedding day. Make it cleverly, add some sarcasm and humor into funny wedding wishes messages to give the newlyweds something interesting to start their married life with lots of laugh. Go beyond the normal or traditional way of wedding wishes and greetings moreover you don’t need to be serious and formal every time. Better you try these Funny wedding wishes to congratulate your best friend, dear colleague, boss, relative or any close ones who finally planed for settled down and going to start a new phase of life as a married couple.


Funny Wedding Wishes

I knew you two were madly in love with each other but didn’t think that you’ll be mad enough to marry. Have a great life ahead.


No amount of wishes or luck will protect you from the painful life of slavery you are about to start as a husband. Congratulations anyway.


Marriage is like walking in the park of senseless animals and consider yourself Jurassic king if you have a bit sense. Anyways happy Married Life.


Two become One: one bed, one remote, one bathroom! Congratulations on your union as life partners!


You fantasize about lovely and beautiful things for your marriage, soon you will dream about living alone surrounded with motionless hands of time. Just kidding. Enjoy your wedding.


You are actually shown some respect when priests asks you to say ‘I do’. Else it’s not that you have any other choice either. Happy Married Life Ahead!



In the circus of life, you may have lived like a lion so far. But your wife, the new circus master will tame you into a domesticated cat in no time. Good luck for your tight rope act.


Marriage marks the end of a love story and the start of a wrestling match. Wishing you the very best of everything anyway.



It’s like paying EMIs of your under construction house. But here you keep paying EMIs for your entire life and never even get to say a word. Wishing you a happy married life!



You are so excited to make your partner happy and loved always. Then you will find out that you did nothing but annoy each other instead. Congratulations!



Your laughter will be dead, Your rejoicing will be nullified. There’s going to be just one voice at home now, And that is of your wife’s. Happy married life!



Saying I do while getting married is like blindly clicking on the I Accept checkbox while installing new software in your computer. You do it despite having no clue of what will come next.



This is the time of your life. You are going to lock down to one woman. Is marriage really marriage? Or is it a way to lock a man? You let me know if anything we will break you out!


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We should do it  together sometimes..!

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Quotes motivation talks



Want to know why you eat chocolate, sweets and cakes every time when you are stressed?
Very simple, it’s because the word „stressed“ spelled backwards is „desserts“.


Every morning when I wake up
I pray to the Lord
That everybody should have a friend like you.

(send the second message just after the first one)
Why should I suffer alone?!


Congratulations! A brand new puzzle game was installed to your mobile phone! To start playing, just throw your phone against the wall and then assemble the pieces…


Officer, I have found a bomb in my garden!
It‘s all right, you can keep it, if nobody claims it within 3 days.

One day I went to the gym and I realised that it is not for me – I laid down on the mat to do some exercises and …
I woke up two hours later.


– You know, buddy, I am truly worried…
– Why?
– Well, my wife read „A tale of two cities“ and after some time we had twins. Then she read „The three musketeers“ and later we had triplets. And now she is reading „Birth of nation“!…


Last night I lied down on my bed and started to look at the beautiful night sky, full of brightly shining stars and then I thought to myself… and where the hell is my roof now?


Imagine you fall down with your newly bought iPhone 6 in your pocket,
And you hear some crack.. what would you pray for?
„Lord, let that be my leg, please…“

You are my best friend, so If we lived in a post-apocalyptic world, I would kill you last. I think it’s the best compliment ever, and I really hope you’ll enjoy it. Love you!


It’s nice to have a friend who can get you out of jail. But it’s even nicer to have a friend who will sit next to you in a prison cell saying “It was amazing, we have to repeat this experience”.


We’ve been friends for so long, I can’t even remember why I started to hang out with you in the first place, weirdo. Just kidding, I think your amazing. Just in your own special way, mate.

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